Will CBD Give You Weird Dreams?

a girl having cbd dreams

Since so many states have legalized marijuana and more objective research has been made public about how beneficial it can be, many questions regarding the use of CBD has surfaced.

The extensive list of advantages is changing the way the world is operating, for example, big soda corporations want to put weed in their soft drinks.

The idea of weed being part of the solution is not so crazy anymore, but are there certain risks involved? Because you can’t help wondering whether something so amazing ultimately comes with a different price.

Thus far, there are no actual side-effects that can be associated with using CBD.

That means you are not supposed to get high, develop the munchies, or laugh uncontrollably for no apparent reason. These are the effects of using THC, not CBD.

However, the title of this particular article is asking a different question. Because it’s clear CBD does not have any negative side-effects on a physical or mental level, but can it influence your subconscious?

CBD Dreams are Elusive

a guy sees a huge elephant in his weird dreams

Granted, a lot of testing still has to be done concerning both THC and CBD, but what is known at the moment is that both THC and CBD tend to reduce REM while enhancing how deep you sleep (read more about CBD’s sleep benefits here).

Keep in mind that REM and deep sleep are two different stages, and it’s during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage that you’ll dream and most likely remember it.

When you reach the deep sleep stage, you don’t dream because you are in the process of recovery. And while both stages have their benefits, CBD is not likely to induce any type of special dream phase.

However, it would be ignorant to assume it can’t or doesn’t happen. Why? Because dreams are very elusive.

And even the greatest minds in the world couldn’t agree about what they mean. Today, some people regard them as warnings from the future, while others think it’s the mind’s way of dealing with emotions you struggle with.

Besides, how can anybody really define a normal dream? Does it even exist? When using CBD, the vividness of your dreams can most likely fade, but there is a very low risk it will having you dreaming things you can actually put into the “weird dreams” column.

CBD and Nightmares

a guy has a nightmare with giant sharks

This is definitely a question that speaks to a more immediate problem, seeing as nightmares can keep you awake and stressed all night.

But how many people have you spoken to that say they get nightmares from CBD? It is highly unlikely that you will, and if you do, establishing that CBD is the culprit will be difficult.

For example, a change in your diet, personality, and energy levels can influence what and how you dream. So does all the stress you build up during the day, not to mention the worries piling on for tomorrow? So many things play into what you are most likely to dream, pinpointing the exact source can be more challenging than it sounds.

The are no guarantees that you’ll have pleasant dreams if you fall asleep feeling relaxed and comfortable. Just a few spices too many can trigger a horrible dream, and this just makes the whole concept of dreaming even more elusive.

How Can CBD Possibly Effect Your Sleeping Patterns?

a woman sleeps happily after taking cbd

Now you might wonder if CBD is going to influence your sleeping patterns, and this is a question that has a little more science behind it.

Plus, it’s much easier to track when you fall asleep.

According to the dynamics of CBD and how it interacts with the body, you should feel pretty calm and relaxed, but not excessively.

In other words, you are not going to feel drowsy or like a zombie ate half your brain. Even though CBD is not a stimulant, it won’t drain you either. At least, it is not supposed to.

The Best Ways To Consume CBD

three bottles of cbdpure tinctures

How you want to get your dose of CBD is up to you, seeing as there are so many ways available. A popular one is through vaping (read more about it here), but not everybody shares a liking for this method.

If this is the case, you can opt for alternative ways, like cooking with CBD oil or dropping a little underneath your tongue (read our review of the best  Pure CBD drops here).

There are so many ways you can incorporate CBD into your lifestyle, it’s pretty amazing. And if you are worried about weird dreams, don’t.

It is very unlikely that the use of CBD is going to keep you up at night. Instead, it should aid in drifting off to a deep level of sleep.

The Hemp/CBD Relationship

It’s important that you don’t get confused between things like hemp oil and CBD oil, given that they are essentially different things. But they do come from the same plant, which is the hemp plant.

a field of hemp plants growing in the sun

Hemp oil is produced from the seeds that are harvested from the hemp plants, and there are quite a few of them. CBD oil gets extracted from the plant itself, meaning it is much more potent than hemp oil.

As for not getting confused between hemp and marijuana, the latter is the plant that produces buds with high dosages of THC, the cannabinoid responsible for the high feeling. Although, it should be noted that CBD is present in marijuana plants as well.

In fact, it plays a very important part regarding the different strains.

For example, CBD is the part of the plant that controls the high you feel. So, strains are based on a scale between CBD and THC content, and the THC level is typically higher than the CBD contents. The higher the CBD, the less psychedelic the high should be.

A Final Thought

Put away your fears of having weird dreams when using CBD. And even if you do notice anything strange while you sleep, you simply stop using it.

But make sure you only purchase quality CBD products if you want to see more effective results. Because the better the quality, the more it will help you stay healthy.