Why is My Vape Harsh?

why is my vape so harsh


Nothing can ruin your vaping experience like a harsh vape. The truth is there could be many reasons why your vape is harsh, but the good news is that most problems can be solved.

If you want to find out some of the most common reasons why your vape is so harsh and how to fix it, then continue to read on.

Things to Check if Your Vape is Harsh

1. The Coil

check the coil if your vape is harsh

This may seem like commonsense, but you’ll want to check the coil of your vaping device. Generally speaking, the could should be changed out every 3-4 weeks, but you might want to change it even more frequently.

It really depends on many factors, but just make sure you inspect your coil because it could be the reason why your vape is extremely harsh.

The type of coil your device uses and how high you are running the coils at factors into what kind of condition your coil will remain in.

With that said, simply change the coil if it’s been a few weeks since you’ve done it and see if that solves the problem. While you’re at it, find out how much wattage is recommended for the coils you’re using because you don’t want to run it at a higher wattage than the recommended number.

Also, don’t just buy the cheapest coil because it’s the cheapest. Remember, you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to vaping. It’s important to compare a few coils and choose one that is of high quality and will last for a longtime. The higher the quality of coil you buy, the better the vaping experience will be.

2. The Vape Juice

a guy shops for vape juice

Another common problem with vaping is the actual e-liquid itself, as you can easily end up using liquid that contains extremely high levels of nicotine.

If your e-liquid contains a high amount of nicotine, then your vape will be quite harsh. Plus, you might be knowingly using liquid with high nicotine content because you have recently quit smoking, therefore you believe the e-liquid you use should contain a lot of nicotine.

Find out how much nicotine is in the liquid you’re using and then go down a level or two. Stick with that level for a few uses and see how your feel.

If this still doesn’t fix the issue, then go down another level. If this doesn’t fix the problem, then something else might be responsible for your harsh vape.

If you’re new to vaping, then start off with a liquid that contains only a moderate amount of nicotine. After a week or two, go to a lower amount.

Keep doing this until you are using a liquid that contains no nicotine at all. This will help you quit smoking and it will keep your vaping experience fresh, if that makes sense.

3. The Mod

a vape mod

Your mod might be the reason why your vape is harsh, but it is rarely an issue with the mod that affects the vape. Nonetheless, you still want to investigate this potential cause.

If your mod is affecting the quality of your vape, then it’s highly likely because it is pushing out a lot of power to the coil.

If the mod’s wattage is set to high, if it’s a variable wattage mod, then this could be the reason why too much power is going to the coil. Another reason is you’re using a mod that has a regulation chip, and it has malfunctioned. If you don’t know how to test out the mod or check to see if there’s an issue, then bring it to a vape shop and ask them to inspect it.

They’ll be able to tell you if there’s a problem with the mod or if it’s something else.

4. Airflow

a woman tests the airflow of her vape

Is your device equipped with a tank that allows you to adjust the airflow? If so, then take a look at the tank because it might be the reason why your vape is harsh. There’s a chance that you closed off the airflow, maybe even unknowingly or you did it awhile ago and forgot about it.

What happens when the airflow is closed off is the vapor starts to retain more nicotine, which results in a more concentrated vapor when you take a hit. If the vape is too harsh, then open the airflow. This should fix the issue, if the problem is the airflow.

5. Cheap Vape Juice

As previously mentioned, the liquid you’re using might contain too much nicotine. However, another issue could be with the vape juice itself, such as you’re using cheap liquid. Think about this, if e-juice is extremely cheap, then what do you think they’ve used to make it? They used the cheapest and lowest quality ingredients around, most likely.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to be willing to spend a bit of money on e-liquid. The more expensive ones might be off-putting due to their prices, if you’re on a budget. However, they are usually worth the money.

6. Could be Your Dry Herb

some marijuana dry herb

Vaping isn’t all about e-juice. There are plenty of folks who prefer a dry herb vaporizer (check out one of the best here), in which case, the type of herb you are vaping may be the culprit for your bad vaping experience.

Many of the high-end dry herb vaporizers have different timeframes and guidelines for how and when they need to be cleaned, so be sure to check with the manufacturer to see if you your vaporizer may need a good cleaning.

When To Replace Your Vaping Device

have you changed out your coil and switch e-liquids? Have you replaced your mod? If so, are you still having a harsh vaping experience? If you are, then it may be time to replace your entire vaping device, especially if it’s been a longtime since you’ve last replaced it.

What you want to do is compare a few devices and choose the one you believe will provide you with the best vaping experience. Too many people buy the cheapest vaping device they can find, only to regret it later because the quality of their experience suffers as a short time goes by.

In other words, the better the device, the better your vaping experience will be. Buy your device from a reputable seller and read reviews before making a final decision as to which vaping device you should buy.

Those are some of the top reasons why your vape may be harsh. Remember, if all else fails, you can invest in a new vaping device and higher quality vaping liquid. Whether you should replace your device or not, that is up to you to decide.