Where Does Feral Marijuana Grow Naturally?

marijuana growing naturally on a mountain side

In the modern age, marijuana is often associated with grow tents, farms, and specialized solutions used for the purpose of controlled growth. In essence, people associate marijuana with formulated growth that is done by humans based on how much they need.

However, does marijuana grow in the wild without human involvement?

Here is an answer to the question.

Marijuana Growth in the Wild (AKA Feral Cannabis)

With its unique characteristics, marijuana is noted as being a plant with pointed flowers, which can yield psychoactive compounds depending on how they’re grown. The marijuana can be used in a multitude of ways including being dried up or processed.

These are traditional methods used to yield a certain amount of CBD from these plants, which is then often eaten, and/or smoked depending on what a person is looking to do.

However, marijuana isn’t only seen controlled by humans and is noticeable in the wild. In fact, this is how humans were able to pick up on the plant in the first place and started to use it for medicinal and recreational purposes.

They realized the psychoactive nature of the plant made it easier to find relief and it was something they were able to use in their lives.

While a lot of people have noticed marijuana being banned as a drug, it is still useful in various cases and has been around for generations and seen in various civilizations.

History of the Marijuana Plant

marijuana plant

To go back in history, the first marijuana plant was found in the Himalayas (Tibet).

It was found by a Chinese individual that was looking for new growth in the area. Once the plant was tested, it was clear it had the potential for offering numerous health-related benefits. Indeed, this was not an elongated process because marijuana wasn’t the only plant that was found in the area.

The Chinese were able to find something far more potent in the form of opium and that is what they started using.

With time, opium spread and the Chinese didn’t show as much interest in marijuana as they might have in other situations. As a result, other civilizations were able to make contact with the Chinese and learn about marijuana and what it has to offer.

This is how the plant was able to be grown in India where it took off in a hurry. Indians were on top of their game and made sure to go the extra mile in implementing how it functioned.

They were able to make additional solutions with the help of the psychoactive compound (i.e. oils).

One of the civilizations that took up marijuana growth was the Arab contingent as they were looking for new compounds and organic solutions. To make sure they were able to control the use of these plants, they spread the plant to Afghanistan. In fact, Afghanistan is still known for growing a variation of this plant and has been doing it for generations.

One of the reasons it has become such a popular plant has to do with how easy it is to grow for the average person. It works in a variety of conditions as long as you have the right solutions in place.

a feral marijuana plant

However, since it is easy to grow, the same applies to how it does in the wild. It is able to grow as long as the conditions are good and are often noted as being “ditch weed” because it doesn’t have the same genetics as a controlled batch.

In a bid to get those controlled traits for maximum efficiency, people prefer to grow them in manmade solutions but ditch weed is still a reality around the planet.

Anyone that is able to travel around the world is going to come in contact with marijuana because of how widespread it is. Marijuana is seen everywhere whether it is in the heart of Afghanistan or in the middle of South America.

There are various sections where marijuana is growing including in the wild. It is important to note marijuana does really well in warmer conditions and is able to grow quickly in these settings.

This is why South America remains such a potent option for those looking to grow weed.

Diverse Growth

One of the most important details to remember with this plant is its ability to adapt. It is able to grow in cold or humid conditions. Remember, it was first found in the Himalayas, which are known for being colder than what one would find in South America.

a cannabis plant

As a result, the plant does well in these conditions but it’s not going to have the same potency as you would expect in a modern-day variation. This is why so many manmade options are being sought-after on a regular basis.

People want to be able to grow something that is under their control and works as well as they want it to. They want to be able to manipulate the benefits and get more out of them once those plants are put to use.

Ditch weed is not able to provide that kind of relief but it still does show some of the underlying benefits a person would expect from the plant.

It is important to note, while this plant is able to grow in these conditions, it is still not going to be seen as commonly in colder environments. It is still rare but possible to find spurts of marijuana plants in colder environments.

However, it is far more common in warmer places where the temperature isn’t going to drop on a seasonal basis.

Final Thoughts

Marijuana is seen in the wild and that is how it was discovered in the first place. This is not a genetically-modified innovation and shouldn’t be deemed as such. Yes, growth patterns have improved over time and perfected by specialists but that is just an extension on what is a naturally occurring plant.

When it pops out as “ditch weed,” it is not going to have the same potency as manmade plants but the benefits are similar.