ghost mv1 vaporizer review and pricing info

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Review & Cost

If you’re on the market for a vaporizer, then the Ghost MV1 vaporizer may be for you. The MV1 is a vaporizer by the brand Ghost, but is it all its cracked up to be?

In this Ghost MV1 review, we will cover the vaporizer’s key features, specs, price, the pros, cons and whether or not we recommend it, as well as a bunch of other useful info.

With that said, feel free to read our Ghost MV1 vaporizer review to learn more.

How Much Does the Ghost MV1 Cost?

The Ghost MV1 vaporizer starts at $295, and with the optional accessories the bundles can cost upwards of $350 or more, depending on what your vaping needs are.


where you put the dry herbs

The Ghost MV1 vaporizer is packed with many noteworthy features. The specs are impressive too. As for features, the key features include:

  • Can be used for Dry Herb, Marijuana, & Concentrates
  • Replaceable Battery Pack
  • High-Quality, Medical Grade Materials
  • Bluetooth App Available (optional)
  • Convection Device

Do bear in mind those are only a few features. Later on, we’ll cover those features and others in more depth.

As for additional specs, they include:

  • Low, Medium, and High Temperature Settings
  • Long Battery Life
  • Glass Mouthpiece that’s Extendable
  • Vibrates
  • Warranty

Ghost MV1 Size & Specifications

  • 5 Inches Tall
  •  2.25 inches wide
  • 12 ounces

The MV1 by Ghost can be purchased for around $295 (Get the Best Deals Here). The price you’ll pay for it really depends on where you buy it from, as different websites might charge different prices and they may include extras.

Generally speaking, around $300 is what you can expect to pay for the device, but you get a lot for your money.


all of the ghost color options

We love the MV1. There are so many good things to say about it, including:

1. Made with High-Quality Materials

The Ghost MV1 vaporizer has been made with nothing but high quality materials. It features a stainless steel lid, a stainless steel heat sink and a ceramic crucible.

The medical grade materials used to build the vaporizer means it is built to last and is designed for people who are serious about vaping.

2. Can Be Used with Extracts & Dry Herbs

a side profile view of the mv1

One of the best things about the MV1 is you can either vape dry herbs or you can vape extracts. You can pretty much vape anything. With the crucible lid and the concentrate pad, the choice is completely up to you.

3. Incredible Interface

One of the most noteworthy features is the interface, as Ghost made sure that the interface was user-friendly and beginner-friendly.

The device features three lights as well as two buttons, which is not a lot. You shouldn’t have a problem figuring out how everything works, but you can use the app to help you out.

4. Ghost MV1 App

Unlike many traditional vaporizers out there, you can use an app to control the MV1. You can use the app to control the temperature and you can use the app to register your device for an extended warranty.

Another impressive feature of the app is it lets you do other things, such as shop.

5. The Warranty

The device is covered by a warranty, but this doesn’t mean you can be careless with it. As long as a part fails at no fault of your own, then Ghost will take care of it.

Make sure you read and understand exactly what’s included in the warranty. Also, the store you buy the device from may have their own warranty, so make sure you find out whether or not this is the case when you purchase the Ghost MV1 vaporizer.

6. Crucibles Can Be Swapped

the ghost mv1 vape sitting on the table

One of the best things about the Ghost MV1 is its crucible system. You can easily swap out the crucibles.

The dispenser is a useful feature because you can take out an entire pile, but you won’t have to open anything up in your pocket.

This will enhance your vaping experience and as time goes by, you will appreciate how the crucible system is built.

7. Incredible Battery Life

Have you ever used a vaporizer, only for it to die out very quickly? How about when the time came to charge bit?

The chances are the battery took a longtime to charge, didn’t charge properly or just died out quicker than it should have, even after you’ve charged it.

This brings us to the next advantage of the MV21 vaporizer.

The battery pack is a great feature and you can either charge the device’s battery via a USB or you can use the external charger.

The battery life is impressive and will last a longtime. Do bear in mind factors such as the temperature you set it at and how many draws you take will play a role in how long the battery will last.

8. Fast Heating- The best word to describe how fast the device can heat up the liquid is “on-demand.” This means it takes a few seconds for it to heat the vape up.

Generally speaking, it should only take around 10 seconds for the liquid to heat up, and that is if you are using it from a cold start.

You can’t go wrong with the Ghost MV1. There are so many other good things to be said about it. The above are the key pros and advantages of the vaporizer.


the vape and cleaning kit

There’s not many bad things that can be said about the Ghost MV1 vaporizer.

No vaporizer is perfect, and this one isn’t any different. If we had to choose a few, then we would say:

1. Regular Cleaning Required

After every 8-10 charges, you should clean the vaporizer’s heat sink. This may be too frequently for most people, but it has to be done.

If you’re a busy person or you don’t really care for cleaning the device, then you can easily forget or neglect cleaning its heat sink.

If you want to get the most from the MV1 vaporizer, then you will definitely want to clean it.

2. The Price Tag

As previously mentioned, the device sells for around $300. Although we think this is a fair price, we’re sure others will scoff at it because it is quite pricey, especially compared to other vaporizers out there.

Keep in mind you get what you pay for with most things, and vaporizers are not an exception.

Those are the only cons we can think of. The chances are you will love the Ghost MV1 vaporizer. Just remember, the best way to judge a product is to actually try it.

The above cons should not be enough to discourage you from ordering and truing the Ghost MV1.

MV1 Portability

the black vaporizer

When it comes to portability, we can’t really complain, but we do want to point out that it is lightweight. However, some people think it is heavy, but we don’t think you should have any issues with bringing it wherever you go.

On that note, don’t expect to be able to put this in your pants pocket and walk around comfortable.

If you have a bag or a shirt pocket, then go ahead and put it in it.

If we had to rate the device on its portability, we’d give it a 3 out of 5 stars. This is just our opinion.

You might think it is extremely light and will have no issues with its portability. This is just our personal opinion.

Design Quality

The MV1’s design, in terms of quality, is of high quality and is unique. There are so many single vaporizers out there that tout huge promises, but they are not unique or offer anything new. This is where the MV1 really shines.

For starters, the MV1 has an innovative design and is powered by convection heat, which means you get to enjoy an incredible vaping experience. The heat sink system was added in order to cool the vapor off properly and effectively.

What this means is you get to fully taste the vape. Other vaporizers may have a good heating and cooling system, but most can’t compare to the MV1’s system.

The MV1 is well constructed. In fact, it was built with medical/food grade materials. In short, it is durable, reliable and is easy to maintain.

Vapor Quality

a girl vapes cbd on a rooftop

As previously mentioned, users can expect a quality vaping experience, in part to the MV1’s heating and cooling system.

When you use the best vaporizers, you will never have to worry about the vape burning you, nor will the device produce vape that is way to cool. With its full-convection heating system, you’ll enjoy a vaping experience like none other.

On that note, the vapor produced by the Ghost MV1 vaporizer is not harsh. If you’ve ever tried another vaporizer, the chances are you could taste like a burnt aftertaste, especially if you used it regularly.

This won’t be the case when you start using the MV1 vaporizer.

Why We Recommend The Ghost MV1

There are many reasons why we recommend the Ghost MV1. If we listed all of the reasons, we’d be here all day.

The top reasons we highly recommend this vaporizer are:

1. Durable

The Ghost MV1 vaporizer is durable. Even if you drop it a few times, it should still work properly and shouldn’t sustain a lot of damage. If you’re the type of person who brings their vaporizer everywhere, then you’ll appreciate its durability.

2. Reliable

the ghost mv1 app

Let’s face it, there are so many vaporizers out there that are not reliable, but this isn’t the case with the MV1 vaporizer by Ghost.

It is far more reliable than most other single vaporizers out there and you don’t have to worry about it malfunctioning.

Although it requires virtually no maintenance, as long as you clean the device out every once in a while, you can rest assure the MV1 will last for many years to come.

3. Quality Vape

The vapor produced by the MV1 is of high quality. It tastes good, and is exactly what vapor should be. No matter how much time has gone by, the hit you take will taste just as good as the very first day you tried the Ghost MV1 vaporizer.

4. Cool Design

Not only is the vaporizer durable, but it’s stylish. It’s not too bulky, nor too small. In short, it’s design is attractive and you won’t be embarrassed when you take it out.

5. Easy To Use

There’s no guesswork involved with this vaporizer. Whether you have limited experience with vaporizers or you’re completely new, you’ll have no issues figuring out how the MV1 works. It does come with a user-manual, but the chances are you will only have to refer to it once.

6. Warranty

The MV1 vaporizer comes with a warranty. Various factors determine the length of the warranty. Generally speaking, the warranty will be good for between 2-7 years. The chances are you won’t ever have to use it, but the fact that it comes with a lengthy warranty should provide you with peace of mind.

7. Other Reviewers Love It

Let’s not forget to mention there are so many positive reviews written about the Ghost MV1 vaporizer. With so many positive reviews, it’s safe to say that the device is worth buying.

Sure, there may be a few negative reviews, but it’s a good sign that it appears to be far more positive than bad reviews about the Ghost MV1 vaporizer.

Final Thoughts

Those are the top reasons we recommend the Ghost MV1 vaporizer. You really do get a lot for your money with this device.

We recommend ordering it and trying it out for at least a week or two. However, we’re confident you will fall in love with it after the very first time you use it.

The bottom line is we recommend the Ghost MV1 vaporizer for a good reason, and it’s because we firmly believe it is one of the best vaporizers on the market today.

If you’re searching for a vaporizer that has an excellent design, good portability and one that will last you for a longtime to come, then this is it.

Order the MV1 today to find out for yourself why we give it a perfect 10 out of ten.

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