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Davinci IQ Reviews & Pricing Info

Released in 2016, the Davinci IQ Vaporizer is a third generation model and has taken off in popularity. It is one of those solutions that have been refined, modernized, and turned into something people rave about in the industry.

For those aware of what Davinci brings to the table as a vaping brand, this is a no-brainer and deserves a place on the list.

In this detailed review, it’s time to look at what the Davinci IQ Vaporizer is all about including its pros, cons, and all that comes along with it in the package.

DaVinci IQ Specs & Key Features

a row of davinic iq vaporizers in different colors

How Much Does the DaVinci IQ Cost?

The Davinci IQ Vaporizer is priced at $274.99 and includes USB Charging Cable, Chimney Brush Keychain Tool, Carry Can, Alcohol Wipes, and 10mm Adapter.

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Key Specs

  • Multiple Colors (Blue, Stealth, Copper, Gunmetal)
  • Precision Temp Control
  • Bluetooth App Integration
  • Smart Path Technology (Smart Path Mode, Precision Mode, and Boost Mode)
  • Beautiful 51 Light Grid LED Display
  • Includes Rechargeable/Replaceable 18650 Battery (100% Charge in 3 Hours)
  • Dimensions: 1.65″ W x 3.54″ H x 0.94″ D
  • Weight: 5 oz
  • Includes 10-Year Warranty


1. Lightweight and Portable

four vaporizers in different colors

To start off the advantages, it’s best to look at the weight. It comes in at a mere 5 oz and that is exceptional in the modern age of vaporizes.

Too many vaporizers are bulky and become difficult to store when the vaping session is over.

With this vaporizer, it is simple to put away and is not going to get in the way. You can easily slip it into your pocket and not even think about it twice. Having this level of flexibility is what people crave when it comes to finding a high-quality vaporizer for the long-term.

2. Quick Heating

Don’t want to wait around for the heating process? Want things to be done on time so the vaping session can begin?

A lot of users hate traditional vaporizers because they take ages to get ready and that is on a good day. The beauty of this new vaporizer is seen in how quickly it heats up. In less than 20 seconds, it will be ready to go as you toggle through the various heating settings.

Having this sort of control is underrated and is one of those advantages that will matter as you continue to use the new device.

3. Full Regulation of Temperature

davinci iq app and vaporizer

There are several heating modes available via the app and you are able to play around with them until the appropriate heating setting is located.

Each person is unique when it comes to how they want the vaping session to unfold and that’s why Davinci has put things in your hands.

The team wants you to select the heating mode and move forward with a fully customized setup.

Traditional options would push you in one direction and that would be it.

However, Davinci is not like that and has integrated a quality app that is able to do the trick and make sure the vaporizer is working as it is supposed to.

4. Awesome LED Display

a side profile of the vaporizer

The LED display is a thing of beauty and it is this refined build quality that’s going to appeal to users as soon as they use it. The display is not tacky and looks the part as soon as one starts to move their fingers around it and take a look.

With the 51 grid setup, it is elegant and pleasing to the eyes.

As a display, this has all the benefits one would ever want from a modern solution.

5. Safe and Tested

Davinci doesn’t muck around when it comes to the various safety features and that’s the charm of its technological brilliance. It’s not just about putting out a vaporizer that offers a good vaping experience because safety is just as important as the performance.

In this case, Davinci has built-in safety features that make sure a user is safe as he/she puts the device to their mouth or toggle through the different temperatures.

To make sure that is the case, they’ve done a lot of testing and made sure it is good to go.

The 10-year warranty is a sign of a brand that knows it makes good products and is willing to back it up as soon as the purchase is made.

6. Excellent Battery Life

replaceable battery details

One of the biggest concerns a user is going to have will involve the battery. Vaporizers are known for having flimsy batteries that start to lose quality as soon as they are put to use.

In this case, Davinci has put together a refined battery that is compact and incredibly powerful.

It is not going to be a problem for those who want a good vaping session that is long-lasting, fun, and consistent.

The battery is right in line with other competitors.

7. Haptic Feedback

This is an advantage that might not be at the top of the list for users but it does matter when the device is in your hands. Imagine having to press buttons that don’t provide any kind of feedback. It is going to get frustrating in a hurry and that is why people love what the Davinci team has done.

They have made sure to keep the buttons as innovative as possible.

They will provide feedback and that is going to make the user experience even better. Davinci is definitely on top of these finer touches and that’s what makes it such a special vaporizer.

8. Quality Mouthpiece

the davicni mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is recessed and that is one of the more underrated touches Davinci has put into the vaporizer. A lot of older vaporizers including releases from Davinci have regular mouthpieces and these are uncomfortable on the lips.

It is not something that is an issue but it does bug you after a while. Davinci has taken in the criticism and learned from it with the help of its designers.

The new mouthpiece is an absolute joy to use and is one of the best in the industry. Its quality is impossible to ignore.


1. Takes Time To Get Used To

The first disadvantage that has been noted with the Davinci IQ Vaporizer would be how long it takes to get used to. A lot of people will be new to the idea of using an app or fiddling around with the temperature controls but that’s part of the appeal.

It is going to be something that will take a little while to learn and get used to but it will be worth it.  People that want to invest in a good solution should be ready to learn because they will never go back to traditional options ever again!

2. Charge Time is Longer Than Competition

While the battery is powerful, easy to set up, and incredibly unique, it does have its flaws. The issue with the battery is not its performance but how long it takes to charge.

Every product has a flaw or two that stick out and it’s the charging time that’s an issue here.

While it is certainly not a dealbreaker, it is something to note down while you are getting ready to go out. Based on various tests, it takes around 100 minutes to get the battery ready and that is slightly more than some of the competitors.

In most cases, this will not be an issue but it is important to keep in mind.


davinci carrying case

Let’s take a look at the portability in detail as that’s important with a modern vaporizer. A solution that is sluggish, bulky, and simply unusable is the last thing people want to buy.

With the Davinci IQ Vaporizer, they have taken time out to design a solution that is easy in the hands. The size is compact and that is essential while walking around and using it throughout the day.

A lot of people will look at the photos and assume it is medium-sized but it is in fact incredibly small. It is one of the better designs on the market especially when you hold it in your hands for the first time. It is durable, usable, and ideal for moving around.

In general, the IQ is set up to be 5 oz in weight and that already puts it near the top of the list as a compact solution. While it isn’t right at the top of the list (i.e. the Pax 3), it is more than serviceable for what it brings to the table as a modern vaporizer.

Based on the various metrics that are out there, it’s easy to see why people enjoy having this in their pocket or bag. It is super simple to carry around and is not going to cause issues when it comes to portability.

Design Quality

the vaporizer in blue

Design quality is just as important as any other aspect of a vaporizer. If the design quality isn’t good enough then the entire vaporizer can go to waste. With the Davinci IQ Vaporizer, this is not an issue at all because they have spent a good amount of time on the finer details.

For example, it is lightweight but it does feel robust in the hands due to the nuanced edges and balanced weight distribution. The buttons are not only usable but gorgeous to look at when you focus in on them for the first time. The zirconia ceramic finishing is one of the best in the business.

When it comes to design quality and just being able to get a unit that is easy on the eyes, this is right up there at the top of the food chain. It is one of those solutions that will make you feel proud as you hold it in your hands and use it.

The quality is going to be evident because of the refined finishing and how much time they’ve spent on its build.

Optional Accessories

The Davinci IQ Vaporizer is a flagship model for the brand and therefore comes with an assortment of optional accessories. Users are able to dig through the various options and customize their vaping experience using one of the many accessories on sale.

glass storage jar

These accessories include:

  • IQ Glove
  • IQ Flavor Chamber
  • IQ Glass Spacers
  • Nectar Collector® Honeybird Combo
  • USB Universal AC Adapter
  • Nectar Collector® 10mm Female Joint-tip
  • IQ Zirconia Mouthpiece with Gasket
  • IQ Accessory Kit
  • USB Car Charger
  • And More!

It’s all about finding the ideal solution and getting more out of the vaporizer. In general, the Davinci IQ vaporizer is the real deal and is one of the top-quality options being sold on the market. However, these optional accessories can add a bit of flavor to the experience and make sure it works out well. For those who are selective about the underlying process and want a solid solution, these accessories are going to help things along immediately.

Why We Recommend the Davinci IQ

everything that comes with the DaVinci IQ vape

Vaping is all about the experience and feeling confident in the device. With the Davinci IQ Vaporizer, the build quality is outstanding and will make you feel great as soon as you pick it up.

Along with the build quality, it has tremendous haptic feedback, a robust battery, and provides one of the finest experiences in the business.

For those who are tired of using inferior vaporizers and want something that is built to last, you cannot go wrong with the Davinci IQ Vaporizer.

Since it is the third generation model for Davinci, they have put in a lot of time to produce something truly fascinating and portable.

Even the optional accessories are a delight to dig through because of the attention to detail. It’s clear they have taken all of the underlying criticism and put together an assortment of solutions to make sure the new model is fun to use.

This amazing design quality is what pushes Davinci IQ Vaporizer right to the top as a world-class option made for those wanting a high-quality vaping experience.

When it comes to modern vaporizers with temperature regulation, this is as good as it gets and provides a tremendous amount of quality!

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