Marijuana vs Hemp: Key Differences and Benefits

marijuana vs hemp

There are so many individuals who are just discovering the great opportunities the cannabis plant brings with it, but it can be a little overwhelming too.

Over the years the herb as generated a lingo everybody doesn’t get yet, but it won’t sound strange for much longer.

If you want some clarity on the topic of marijuana vs hemp, you are in the right place. Although, the question you are asking should probably be addressed first.

Settling The Dispute: Which One is Best

marijuana and hemp can both be used medicinally

In a moment, you are going to learn more about both marijuana and hemp, but you should understand from the beginning that they are two different things.

Yes, they belong to the same plant species, but the purpose for which they are grown differ quite a bit.

So, instead of looking at marijuana vs hemp and pitting the two against each other, check out why both are so popular.

What is Marijuana?

Starting with the cannabis plant that has seen many people get arrested, marijuana has many names.

This is because marijuana is commonly associated with recreational use, and the love people have for it eventually leads to personal pet names.

What you should know is that marijuana is a specific species from the cannabis plant and it retains different characteristics compared to the hemp plant.

When Do You Use It?

As mentioned, many people love using it for recreational purposes and for social settings, but it is definitely not the only purpose. Marijuana contains strong medicinal properties that can fight disorders and disease like cancer.

So, you can choose whether the purpose will be medicinal or recreational.

How Do You Use It?

all of the names and uses for marijuana

Over the years manufacturers and developers have taken advantage of the legal system giving the green light.

In other words, if you live in the right state, you can walk up to a dispenser and buy medical grade weed.

How you choose to consume the marijuana is your choice to make, for instance, do you smoke, vape (check out the top vaping benefits here), or bake it into brownies?

Alternatively, you can get some ready-made edibles.

That’s right, if you want your dose of marijuana in a candy form or shape, you can shop around and probably find a few different offers.

Just take note that if you are going to cook with the marijuana yourself, pay attention to the heat distribution. It is very easy to burn up the essence when you are on a mission to extract it.

The Growth and Harvesting Process

marijuana buds ready to be harvested

By now you have heard that marijuana plants can grow anywhere, any time, and they don’t require much maintenance.

This is true for the hemp species, and only to a degree. As for marijuana plants, they are grown specifically for the buds they ultimately form.

Because inside the buds are all the good things that fight cancer or make you happy.

The result is that marijuana plants have to be grown with care and skill if the buds are going to be strong and effective. Also, marijuana plants are much more sensitive to elements like the amount of light and water they get. Too much of something and they could die on you.

The same can be said for the harvesting process. It is a delicate process that needs to be done properly, or it will ruin the quality of the strain. And yes, this is why some strains can be so incredibly expensive.

What is Hemp?

a hemp leaf growing

Also referred to as industrial hemp, this is the cannabis species that can grow in a variety of places and under extreme conditions.

Once the seeds (learn more about hemp seeds here) have been planted, you can literally watch them grow into some very big plants.

It is also interesting to note that they can grow incredibly quickly.

When Do You Use It?

Unlike marijuana, hemp is not and cannot be used for recreational purposes. In fact, it is said that your lungs will most likely give in before your brain will register a high from smoking hemp.

So, if you couldn’t understand the purpose behind hemp shampoo or toothpaste – it’s organic.

You see, hemp got the “industrial” tag for the simple fact of what you can use it for. Some people make clothes or materials with it while others create cleaning products. There are even some individuals who took the initiative and built houses using strictly hemp.

But hemp is also very good for CBD extract, given that hemp plants are full of it, adding a medicinal purpose to the long list.

How Do You Use It

hempworx 500 works great for pain

After understanding why hemp is grown, the ways you can use it seems almost endless. Because the main purpose of hemp products is to keep it environmentally friendly.

And if you feel like going organic, do a little digging about how to incorporate hemp into your daily life, whether it’s for practical reasons or medicinal.

Don’t worry, you are going to be introduced to several options for CBD consumption as well (check out our favorite hemp CBD here), just in case you are curious.

The Growth and Harvesting Process

Even though hemp is much easier to grow than marijuana, there is still a level of quality involved when something like CBD extract is being sold.

For instance, the extraction process needs to be approached right, otherwise, you are not getting the full benefits CBD has to offer.

When hemp plants are nurtured and harvested with care, they not only provide more versatility within the industrial world, but they also produce CBD extract with strong medicinal properties.

And what about hemp oil? This is the oil that comes from the seeds, not the plant. Yes, they do have some benefits, but they don’t stack up to the benefits of marijuana or CBD extract.

Why Not Use Both Hemp and Marijuana?

When you think about, you can build a house and promote some healthy living through the cannabis plant. It’s just a matter of working with the right one.

But there are no rules stating you only have to choose one or the other.

It’s a great and open world full of choices just waiting to be made, so never limit yourself.