How to Use a CBD Vape Pen

how to use a vape pen

Purchasing a brand-new CBD vape pen (these guys sell our favorites) is one of the more exciting buys in your life. However, before getting into a wonderful vape session, it’s important to understand how to use this magnificent tool to your advantage.

This guide is going to help break down the various steps involved in a well-managed vaping session with your CBD vape pen. As long as you follow these steps, you will have the time of your life!

*Important Legal Disclaimer: Before we dive in, it’s important to note that vape pens are only intended for people who are at least 18 years of age or older. If you’re not old enough to legally buy one, this guide isn’t for you.

Also, there have been some side effects reported from CBD vaping. Read about them at the end of this post.

1. Begin with the User Manual

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Start with the user manual because this is going to be your best friend.

The average user will have to learn the intricacies of their particular CBD vape pen before moving forward.

In some cases, a person assumes they’ll learn on the way and this leads to major safety/health concerns. Please understand this isn’t something to play around with and has to be handled with care.

By going through the user manual, it’s easier to pinpoint how the buttons work, where the cartridge goes, and how to make the most of each vape session. Until you do this, the experience is simply not going to live up to the hype.

2. Prepare for Your Next Session

Now that you have gone ahead and read the user manual, it’s time to prepare for your next session. This includes purchasing a multitude of accessories such as the airtight containers, dabbers, and even silicone wax mats. Each accessory is going to have a role to play in the vape session and is going to ensure everything is managed properly.

A lot of the times, people go through with the process and make a mess because they were unprepared. Don’t be one of those people and prepare well in advance!

With the right accessories, you will have a way to handle the cartridges and keep everything as clean as possible. These accessories are not going to cost a lot and will end up becoming a valuable part of any upcoming vape session.

3. Use the Dab Tool to Handle Cartridge

This is a common mistake that is made with the vape pen and has to be included in your approach to a vape session. For example, you will look at a brand-new cartridge and try to handle it with your hands.

a guy vaping

This is not only risky but is also going to lead to issues with the vape pen. Instead, you want to be as precise as you can be with the help of a quality dab tool.

The dab tool is a simple metal tool that is able to hold the cartridge as you lower it into the vape pen.

Since this is such a delicate process, it’s smart to focus on the approach with the help of your dab tool. It is going to make things easier and will allow you to move ahead with the session right away.

Otherwise, you may end up with leaks and/or other related issues that could have been avoided with this simple accessory.

4. Understand the Buttons Inside and Out

This might be the most important part of learning how to use a CBD vape pen. In general, a CBD vape pen has buttons and this is often going to be the same on most makes/models. The buttons are responsible for control different functionalities such as turning your pen on or off, adjusting the heat, or inhaling.

As you can imagine, this is crucial to the vape session and has to be mastered over time.

You want to read the user manual and learn how to use these buttons to your advantage. However, to push forward, you should be looking to follow established rules such as “3 clicks” while adjusting the heat or “press and hold” before inhaling. These little tidbits can go a long way in making the CBD vape pen an amazing part of your life.

Most people start to learn about these buttons as they push forward but it’s best to learn about them immediately. Once you get the hang of it, you will realize how long to press and hold each time it’s your turn to inhale. This is how the CBD vape pen is going to take a life of its own in your life!

5. Use an Airtight Storage Case

If you want to learn how to use a CBD vape pen, it’s always smart to learn how to store it. The CBD Vape is often going to be stored away and this is critical for its longevity. If you do this poorly, everything is going to fall apart on you. Instead, it’s best to go out and buy a separate airtight container for everything to be stored in.

This will help keep everything out of the way and sealed up as best as possible.

Most makers are now releasing quality airtight containers and you should be investing in one right away.

6. Keep it Charged or Carry a Spare Battery

cbd vape pen kit

The CBD vape pen isn’t going to run on its own and has to be kept charged just like a smartphone/laptop. As a result, you will have a few options up your sleeve to maximize its potential.

The first option is to have a set charging schedule throughout the day, so it is always ready to go when you head out. Otherwise, you can also take the time to buy a spare battery and carry it around in your pocket/bag while outdoors. This can go a long way in optimizing your vape sessions without losing power.

Final Thoughts

Keep these steps in mind when it comes to using your CBD vape pen for the first time. A lot of users end up making mistakes along the way and this can hinder their ability to progress.

It’s best to focus on each step, read the manual, and continue to learn every step of the way. By having an open mindset, you’ll retain more value from the CBD vape pen!

Remember, having the best CBD vape pen in the world is useless without knowing what to do with it.