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Many people have understood the many excellent benefits that come with good CBD products for years now, but that comes with a major caveat.

CBD products are a great thing if you are getting a quality product made from a reliable company that does things right.

The brand matters.

Green Mountain is a reliable brand from Vermont, taking on the nickname of the state and living up to that beautiful moniker. Their CBD products are properly and appropriately made, and that makes a huge difference.

Green Mountain CBD: A Brief Intro…

Founded in 2015 in line with the independent Vermont spirit and tradition of doing it right, they focused strongly from the very beginning on a natural organic method that takes advantage of the truly fine soil of Hardwick, Vermont, using the hard work and knowledge of local experts to work together and create organic CBD products that do everything out.

The company talks about focusing on quality at every step. This starts with being willing to look outside the box in what they call “innovative agriculture” to stay in line with organic farming while making sure even the extraction process stays as open and fitting to the overall mission of quality and creating a solid CBD oil that anyone feels good using.

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In this case, that means an extraction process called “lipid extraction.”

This comes by first growing the hemp using organic coconut oil and then having the oil extracted from that hemp.

Users can be reassured by the fat that the Green Mountain company sends the oil to a 3rd party lab to make sure that the numbers are coming back with the level of quality and the concentration that they want to see.

The rest of the measuring and development isn’t done haphazardly – they use equipment that is actually pharmacy grade, meaning seriously heavy duty.

That combination means CBD oil that is high quality, organically created, and forms the basis of one of the best lines of outstanding CBD products that are out there.

Green Mountain CBD Products & Pricing Info

While there’s always the chance that the product line will change over time, right now there are four main products that consistently come out under the Green Mountain name.

This is a company that obviously focuses on making sure every single item they put out is the highest of quality and comes directly from the state of Vermont.

That’s one of the major benefits of going through smaller local providers: the old school quality control that often gets lost once a company or producer scales up to a certain point.

The four main products currently are:

  • Green Mountain Chocolate Mint CBD Oil (60 ML bottle)
  • Green Mountain 90 capsule bottle
  • Green Mountain 30 capsule bottle
  • Green Mountain Edible Salve (30 ML)

These four products cover a wide variety of uses and make available really top quality Vermont grown, harvested, and produced CBD oil products.

The Chocolate Mint CBD Oil is currently $30 a bottle. Each bottle comes with a measured dropper to make it easy to make sure you can accurately gauge the appropriate amount for the desired effect.

Made from the organically grown hemp straight from northern Vermont, the suggested use is one or two ML every four to six hours. That’s all that’s needed for a positive and steady effect.

The Green Mountain 30 & 90 capsule options offer another outstanding option for enjoying the advantages that CBD oil supplements can offer.

These capsules are constructed the same way and all of them are 20 mg per capsule. These are vegetarian-friendly and the only ingredients are hemp, coconut oil, and vegetarian-friendly outer capsules to keep the entire pill together.

Either way, the price comes out to $1 a capsule when normally priced with the 30 capsule option $30 and the 90 capsule option at $90.

Finally, the edible salve offers 30 servings at the suggested amount and only one serving (1 ML is one serving of this) should be taken every 4 to 6 hours.

This can be a great option but it should be taken carefully if you are on a wide array of prescription meds and should not be used by pregnant or lactating women.

High-Quality Natural Ingredients

natural hemp growing in a beautiful field in the sunlight

The ingredient list for Green Mountain CBD products is short and sweet…and that should be encouraging!

Nothing unnatural or un-organic is added in the mix meaning users get the full benefit of the products instead of having to worry about what else is in there.

All these products have two common ingredients:

  • Organic coconut oil
  • Organic hemp

That’s it.

The capsules have a vegetarian capsule to keep the ingredients together in that form and even the mint flavoring comes from a natural organic peppermint oil. Better ingredients means better products.

Dosage Instructions – How to Take it

The dosage instructions for each product is clearly printed on the item itself. However, as a brief summary of what each one lists as the recommended usage:

  • One capsule should be taken every 4-6 hours
  • For the mint oil take 1-2 ML every 4-6 hours
  • For edible salves take 1 serving every 4-6 hours

Make sure to follow or directions for proper use.

Where to Buy Green Mountain CBD

The best way to guarantee that you can find actual Green Mountain CBD products is to make sure that you buy them directly from the official Green Mountain website.

This helps to make sure that you are getting the real high-quality products without having to worry about any fakes. You never know what dispensaries or shops will actually carry Green Mountain products, which is why it is all the more important to go directly to the source.

The official website of Green Mountain CBD is found at

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to love about what Green Mountain brings to the table, and about CBD oil in general. There’s no denying the many amazing positive benefits that CBD oil can have.

Having a reliable source like Green Mountain that can be trusted to create the best natural and organic oil is a big deal, and helps you know that you are going to get the absolute best quality.

While there are other brands out there that can deliver, as well, it is important to remember that homework is required on every single one to make sure you’re actually getting what you’re paying for.

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