Does Marijuana Help You Live Longer?

does smoking weed make you live longer

It’s a fascinating topic of discussion and one that’s talked about worldwide.

Scientists continue to look into the intricacies of marijuana to determine the impact it can have on the human body.

The average marijuana enthusiast will state it does have a profound impact on the body and it does not lead to medical-related issues.

In general, it all started with marijuana wouldn’t harm a person but now the discussion has moved onto increasing one’s life expectancy.

There are several reasons why this is believed to be true according to enthusiasts including mental health benefits (i.e. stress and anxiety relief).

Of course, the connection is simple to make as a person with minimal mental health issues is likely to live longer because there’s a reduction of stress.

Marijuana is designed to be a good solution for these issues and doesn’t lead to addiction, which is beneficial while finding a good option.

Most people are going to sit down and smoke one joint and call it a day illustrating its usefulness.

This read is going to dig into the topic to see if there is any truth to the claims being made by experts.

Is it true marijuana can extend one’s life and make it easier to optimize health-related concerns?

This question will be answered here to illustrate what marijuana is all about and whether it can do a good job or not.

In fact, people often mention the idea of marijuana use remaining effective over the long haul as a sign it doesn’t do harm to the body.

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana refers to a drug derived from the cannabis plant.

It goes by various names including pot, weed, and dope to name a few.

In general, marijuana is just a name for what is actually cannabis plant (marijuana are just dried leaves!) and it can often be found in hashish form (resin).

This can be ingested in several ways but the most common option is to smoke it.

Research on Marijuana Usage

a book open on a table reasearching marijuanas effect on life span

Let’s start to think about the important information when it comes to marijuana use and what it has to offer.

In general, a lot of research has been done on the subject as nations looking to dive into the intricacies of marijuana before legalizing it.

This has led to a considerable amount of research including elite institutions getting into the mix.

In the earlier years, Jamaica was the source of a study done to see how marijuana could impact the human body and one’s life expectancy.

According to researchers, the results were good when compared to alcohol. In fact, the average subject was able to live at least 8-24 years longer in comparison to someone that was an alcoholic.

At the time, they took a crack at the lead question and said a person was able to increase his/her lifespan by 24 months or two years with the use of marijuana.

As the years went by, they continued to take a look at other places around the world and once again came up with the same conclusion.

Potential Criticisms

It’s always best to take a look at both sides of the equation in this battle to determine what is right and what is wrong.

Let’s move onto the potential criticisms of this research as a way to get a more well-rounded assessment of marijuana.

Experts taking a glance at marijuana research state there are several variables at play while making a strong determination for such questions.

a pile of weed buds

They have stated the idea of smoking is bad as it has a direct impact on the lungs and that is critically damaging over the long haul.

Meanwhile, more research needs to be done to see if using a vaporizer is a safer alternative.

To prove this, they point to the regular use of tobacco and what it does to the world’s smoking population.

According to their research, at least 1% of these deaths end up involving the use of tobacco and regularly smoking it into their lungs.

By stating this point, they are able to illustrate the amount of damage smoking marijuana can do on the lungs.

They say the smoke will have a similar impact on the lungs as time goes on and that has to be kept in mind.

If ignored, this will lead to additional issues and that is the last thing any healthcare system wants to deal with.

They have also run several studies around the world to dig deeper and state most of the data was hard to collect as there are so many variables in how a person manages to stay alive and in good health.

As they were not able to conduct a full study, it’s difficult to come up with a final opinion.

They said in the short period that was used to conduct the research, some of the subjects were showing a visible decline in their health with different medical issues.

These issues varied based on the person including heart disease, cancer, and mental health problems.

Who is Right?

a pile of weed on the table

Well, it’s time to figure things out and weigh all of the options!

In the end, it is all about one’s perspective on the use of marijuana as further research has to be done on the matter.

Marijuana use is going to continue as it is being legalized around the world and most people are going to find different ways to die as that is a part of life.

However, marijuana hasn’t shown a direct correlation between itself and health issues.

It is not as linear as one would assume especially when compared to tobacco where the correlation is obvious.

In this case, it is not as easy to determine what is right and what is wrong with marijuana use.

However, since this is not an addictive substance, it is not going to do a lot of damage to the body.

The few studies done on this subject have shown the value of taking the weed and do state there is a positive impact on one’s health.

While the contrarian research has not been as clear and does have issues one

Of course, please keep in mind this research was done over the long haul and didn’t look at any short-term impact marijuana could have.

For example, if one were to consider the mind alteration issues of marijuana use, this can also lead to short-term accidents and unexpected death.

Those risks do have to be kept in mind with any substance including marijuana.

With all of this noted down, there is nothing straightforward about the research that’s been done and that should be kept in mind.

a head made out of marijuana leaves

It doesn’t do a lot of damage even in the worst case scenario and that is one of the reasons it continues to be legalized around the world.

Humans are starting to appreciate what marijuana is able to bring to the table and how it can change their life for the better with correct use.

A lot of claims are going to be made as time goes on but nothing substantial has managed to find its ways to the top.

Final Thoughts

With so many benefits already associated with marijuana and its oils, it’s easier to look at the positives of this substance.

It can do a lot for those who are trying to stay healthy and understand the value of taking it the right way.

While this is not a magical elixir one can take to become immortal, it is one of the unique ways to stay healthy and ease some of the pressure that’s put on the mind as time goes on.