Does Marijuana Make Sex Better?

the effects of thc on sex

Let’s be honest with ourselves.

If there is a way to add another dimension to our sex lives, we’ll probably take it. After weighing the pros and cons of an aphrodisiac, whether it comes in the form of a pill or THC, it should always be approached with an objective opinion.

And one question that seems to be on so many lips – in a manner of speaking – is how THC effects sex?

Are the rumors true that it can improve your sex drive? Or is it a one-way ticket towards erectile dysfunction? You probably have a million questions and all the information can be overwhelming.

Panic no more. Whether you are single or involved, and the temptation to try a little weed before getting down has been lingering in the back of your mind, this is the article for you.

In addition to taking a deeper look at the research behind this question, a list of how THC can possibly influence your sex life, in general, will be added for good measure.

So, once you reach the end, you’ll be confused about THC and sex no longer.

What The Research Tells Us About Marijuana and Sex

a stoned couple in bed thinking about having sex

If you were to perform an online search right now about the effects of THC on sex, you are going to come across a lot of contradicting information. For example, there are some studies that will warn you about mixing THC with pleasure.

More specifically, the negative studies focus on two common problems, and they are both aimed at men. Firstly, the studies warn that THC could lower your sex-drive, or create ED issues.

Of course, it would be ignorant to simply ignore these warning. But it would also be ignorant not to look at the other end of the spectrum. For example, a very recent study – and one that was done on a much larger scale – put all of these warnings in question.

Entitled the CDC’s National Survey of Family Growth, about 50,000 Americans took part in a 13-year study (2002 – 2015) under the watchful eye of Stanford scientists. Those who participated were aged between 24 and 45.

Naturally, many conclusions where reached, but to give you a quick breakdown of the bottom line, weed smokers have about 20 times more sex over the course of a year, compared to those who don’t use THC at all.

In addition, the scientists found that THC will most likely boost your sexual drive, while they couldn’t track any evidence that THC leads to ED, even when used daily.

However, they are not shouting from the rooftops that THC is the miracle cure for getting your passion back. But they are suggesting that certain strains can help to renew your sexual fire. In fact, using some strains in medicinal form, specifically as a natural aphrodisiac, might be a common sight in the future.

a couple with matching tats holds hands

Once again, this massive survey didn’t make any massive statements that THC is the next best thing for all sexual problems, and there are other variables to keep in mind. Such as the inhibitions of weed smokers in general.

Seeing as people who like to use THC recreationally are considered to be more prone to taking risks, although, the scientists are leaning towards THC being the source for the sex drive improvement.

You should also consider the fact that smoking weed does lower your sperm count, and this isn’t something you can argue away.

The fact is that one spliff or vape session (learn more) can lower a guy’s soldiers with a third.

So, if you are trying to have kids, it’s not recommended to use THC, at least until you’ve had success and the pregnancy is over.

Essentially, the people at Standford University aren’t promoting THC for releasing sexual inhibitions. But they couldn’t find anything harmful about it as well. So, if you are worried that it will make you less passionate or cause erectile dysfunction, you shouldn’t be.

Advice For The Guys

Unfortunately, not all guys are created with the same levels of testosterone and ability to perform through any situation. And in some cases, being high can make it difficult for a guy to maintain an erection.

But this doesn’t mean you should freak out and diagnose yourself with ED.

The reality is that some guys just can’t stay erected while high, just like they can’t get an erection when they are drunk. If you notice that THC only makes it more difficult to perform, simply don’t use it. And it’s definitely not a cause for concern.

Some Random Interesting Facts

a heart made form marijuana leaves

Hopefully, you’ve found some clarity on the fundamentals regarding THC and sex. But sex isn’t one dimensional, is it? It’s a different world where you can experiment and have a lot of fun, just like these random facts taken from different studies.

Once You Have Sex High – You Probably Want To Do It Again

According to a study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, people who have the marijuana experience typically confess they want to try it again. This is because it feels like all the sensations are more intense than usual, and you pay attention to the smaller details which you would usually miss.

So, don’t be surprised if you enjoy it so much you want to make it a regular practice.

Guys Can Feel What Longer Orgasms Are Like

For generations, guys have been jealous about the female climax. Not only is it more intense, but it lasts longer – until now. Many guys revealed the typical 30-seconds feel much longer, as well as the intensity. Of course, the ladies can expect the same heightened stimulation.

Are Weed Goggles Worse than Beer Goggles?

a woman wearing weed goggles on her head

Okay, this random piece of information isn’t directly related to sex, but it seems THC and getting drunk has something in common. Apparently, both substances will make people (who you don’t usually find attractive) appear more appealing. Actually, THC can possibly make you even more prone to look past features that would usually turn you off.

However, there have been no cases of anybody having to chew their arms off in order to get away from the person they picked up during a fun night with THC.

Sex Appears To Last Longer

One of the phsychedelic effects of THC invovles losing time. However, it’s not as dramatic as it sounds. Basically, it just feels like time is going by at a much slower pace than usual. You are not going to end up through some kind of rabbit hole.

The consequences of “losing time” with THC is that sex will appear to go on forever, when in reality, it’s only been 15 minutes. How cool is that?

Issues With Natural Lubrication

Just like some guys might find it hard to…well..stay hard, some ladies find that THC can hinder their natural lubrciation. These cases are few and far between, and using lube can instantly solve the problem.

Bottom Line: Stoned Sex is Too Much Fun

Yes, there is one bad thing that can happen if you overdo the fun with THC. And the degree of damage it can do depends on you and your partner. Basically, if you use too much, there’s a good chance you’ll…fall asleep and skip the sex altogther. Make no mistake; it will be an incredible nap, but try to pace yourself if you want to utilize the magic of THC.

Even though not all the facts are happy and positive, it can be agreed that THC might actually bring another degree of passion to your bedroom. In other words, the effects of THC on sex are mostly positive.