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charlottes web hemp oil extract

Charlotte’s Web is a hemp oil that has a unique story behind it, reaching back to 2011. Because this is the year when the Stanely brothers started producing this very affordable hemp oil, which is named after the little girl they aimed to help.

Shortly after her birth, Charlotte Figi was diagnosed with Dravet’s syndrome. It’s a severe case of epilepsy that occurs in infants, and with every passing day, it only gets worse.

All the prescribed medication tried by medical professionals didn’t work, leaving Charlotte’s parents with literally no options from a strictly medical point of view.

But after getting the go-ahead (support by two doctors) to treat Charlotte with marijuana, her situation drastically changed.

According to her mother, Paige, Charlotte was seizure free the first week of treatment, but the product was also very expensive.

This led to the Stanley brothers producing proprietary hemp genetics at an affordable price, and all this can be seen in the CNN documentary called “Weed”.

Essentially, Charlotte’s Web is a high-quality hemp extract with high CBD levels and incredibly low THC content. This means there are no psychedelic effects to worry about, and it’s also why many people fondly refer to it as the Hippie’s Disappointment. In terms of a CBD/THC ratio, you are looking at 17% CBD to 0.3% THC.

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil Products & Pricing Info

What you need to know from the start is that Charlotte’s Web is available in three different packages.

Plus, everything from the growing process to the extraction takes place in Colorado.

The packages include:

CW Everyday Hemp Oil (200mg)

With a price range between $39.99 and $99.99, the Everyday Hemp oil should be sufficient to increase overall health and well-being.

Everyday Plus (500mg)

The Everyday plus package contains 25mg of hemp extract with every 1.0ml, making it twice as strong as the one previously mentioned. And the expected price range is between $74.99 and $188.99.

Everyday Advanced (1500mg)

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CBD Hemp oil extract doesn’t get more potent than this, and with the Everday Advanced package, there is 50mg of extract per ml.

More specifically, it is 8 times more potent than the usual hemp oil on the market. As for the price range, between $149.99 and $274.99 is the going average.

The list for which Charlotte’s Web hemp oil can be used for is pretty extensive. But to give you some idea, here are some of the most common reasons why it’s so popular.

  • Improving your mood
  • Help to control anxiety
  • Pain relief
  • Better sleep
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Anti-epileptic properties
  • Treating depression

These are just some of the elements many people are finding it very useful for, and the list just seems to go on.

As an interesting side-note, many people have been using Charlotte’s Web hemp extract oil as a weight loss supplement. And the reason why it is so popular for weight control is the reduction in cortisol.

This is a hormone associated with stress, and stress is tied to indulging in bad food habits.

CW Benefits

Taking a deeper look at the benefits and why Charlotte’s Web hemp oil is so popular, consider the following.

The Medical Proof

It would be a waste of words to rehash the medical proof that CBD oil is an effective treatment for several different medical conditions. At this point in time, when the extracted quality is high and from a reputable source like the Stanely brothers, the clinical backing is mandatory.

The Taste is Better

Thanks to the terpenes rich proprietary hemp genetics, this is one oil that’s going to taste much better than you’ll expect. In fact, there is a dominant taste of olive oil.

It’s an All-Natural Treatment

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More than anything, this is a very natural treatment for some severe problems. At the same time, it doesn’t present nasty side-effects or dangers that typically come with prescribed medication.

Conditions Charlotte’s Web CBD is Used For:

While most of the testing for this specific strain has been focused on epilepsy and how it can significantly reduce seizures, there are other conditions you can consider using it for. For example, some symptoms of cancer can be treated, along with Parkinson’s and Schizophrenia.


Depending on the flavor you choose, there are going to be different ingredients involved. Here is a breakdown of the different flavors and what they contain.

Oil Mint Chocolate (per 100ml)

  • 11mg Hemp Extract
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • Organic Chocolate Mint Flavor (Organic Sunflower Oil)

Olive Oil (per 100ml)

  • 9mg Hemp CO2 Extract
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Dosage – How to Take CW Hemp Oil

When it comes to consuming Charlotte’s Web according to the most effective dosage, it’s recommended to make calculations per pound. More specifically, you have to use your weight to determine how much to drink on a daily basis.

The suggested average is 3 to 4mg for every pound. In other words, if you weigh a hundred pounds you should be getting in 300 to 400mg of hemp oil per day. According to the company, 1ml per day must be consumed in order to get the maximum benefits from the extract.

What’s the best way to consume the oil you wonder? Given that the taste is very pleasant and mainly leaves an olive oil or mint chocolate flavor, you can use the dropper just underneath your tongue. However, if you don’t want to taste the oil directly, you can mix it with food or a beverage.

Where to Buy Charlotte’s Web CBDs

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Coming back to the price ranges mentioned earlier, which show a significant difference between minimum and maximum.

This is because third-party sellers add their own profit, which kind of goes against the affordability aspect the company wants to maintain.

Thus, the best possible place to buy Charlotte’s Web hemp oil would be directly in Colorado State. It’s the most affordable channel and you know you are getting the high-quality product as promised by the Stanley brothers.

Alternatively, you can go to the website and make your purchases online. Just to clarify, the minimum prices mentioned earlier are the prices you’ll find on the official website. In other words, the best places to buy Charlotte’s Web hemp oil would be directly from the company in Colorado or on the official website.

Final Thoughts

When it comes conditions like Dravet’s Syndrome and cancer, the situation is serious. But even struggling with constant pain, inflammation, sleepless nights and depression on a consistent basis can take its toll. Additionally, you don’t want to be tied down to prescription medication that leaves you feeling worse.

The fact is that Charlotte’s Web hemp oil extract has proven to work, and Charlotte Figi is just one positive and shining example out of many.

But even if you just want to increase your overall quality of life, this can be a product for you. Seeing as it has a very calming effect and naturally improves your mood, you’ll be able to focus on what’s really important.

Keep in mind that the THC content is incredibly low, so you don’t have to worry about going through any type of “trip”, or that you’ll begin laughing uncontrollably. In fact, there is just enough THC to help you control your anxiety.

In fact, you can even consider using this hemp oil as a weight loss supplement. However, it is recommended that you stay consistent. This means taking the recommended dosage every day and stick with it in order to see long-term results.

If the medical evidence is anything to go by, you’ll most likely be glad you tried Charlotte’s Web.

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Charlotte’s Web is an excellent choice for premium CBDs, plus they’re high-quality, have an awesome selection, and are very affordable.