Body High vs Head High

body high vs head high

Cannabis use is earmarked as one of the best feelings in the world but what type of high do you like?

This question is asked to thousands of people and each person has their own opinion. It’s never the case of one type being greater than the other. In fact, it is often split right in the middle between a body high and a head high.

With this in mind, it’s time to compare the two and see which one is truly the champion.

What is a Body High?

a couple with a body high from thc

The “body high” refers to a buzzing sensation felt in the person’s body. This sensation isn’t reserved to the head nor is it reserved for the upper body.

Instead, it spreads from head to toe and is a unique feeling people mention as being exhilarating.

According to studies on this subject, the body high is often associated with indica dominant strains, which can include a number of options such as death bubba and pink death to name a few. However, a body high can come from a sativa dominant strain depending on which one it is.

The reason indica dominant strains are likelier to cause a body high has to do with their effect on the nervous system. It is not as hard-hitting, which means it’s a more spread out sensation that’s ideal for “on the go” scenarios.

For example, if a person were to prepare for the rest of the day but want to smoke for a bit, this is the strain that’s best-suited to your needs.

Otherwise, it’s not as easy to go ahead with everything else, which is why people enjoy the body high.

The Strains Matter

cannabis buds

Indica dominant strains aren’t gentle when it comes to the body high. In fact, they can pack a punch with the buzzing sensation according to cannabis enthusiasts. This is why a lot of people enjoy trying these strains later in the day when they can go straight to sleep.

There are many examples where people will go to sleep and still feel a bit of the buzz the next morning depending on how early they wake up!

Smoking vs Edibles

a guy smokes weed in the dark

Please note, it is not just about the strain but also down to how you consume the cannabis. For example, a person that ends up smoking will get a different high to someone that is using edibles.

In this case, a body high is far more likely with edibles because how it is consumed.

It goes through the digestive system, which is not the same as smoke, which will go through the bloodstream much faster.

It’s also down to your liver and its absorption rate. For example, the liver has to convert the THC and that happens differently while using edibles.

Due to how an indica dominant strain reacts in the human body, there are many examples of people using it to treat headaches, chronic pain, sore muscles, and even spasms. The buzzing sensation is able to calm down some of the nerves that transmit pain signals back to the brain.

What is a Head High?

a marijuana head high

On the opposite end of the spectrum would be a traditional “head high.”

The head high is something that’s not just about your head. In fact, it has to do with how the THC (see what makes it different than CBD) in a cannabis strain interacts with your body. With this type of high, you are more likely to see it in a sativa dominant strain as it often goes straight to the head.

Of course, this doesn’t mean it isn’t going to appear in different manners. For example, some people will still point to a sudden burst of paranoia where they start doubting their surroundings, while others don’t notice this at all.

Head High Strains

The best strains to get a head high would be Blue Hawaiian and Jack Herer because they pack a punch and don’t take a lot to cause a high. People that use these strains claim the best part about a head high is how euphoric it makes you feel as soon as it works.

There’s a sudden rush of energy that goes through the body, which is impossible to mimic with other variations.

There’s a certain intensity that is charming with these strains. In many cases, a lot of people end up using sativa dominant strains to sit down and study as they ignore everything else. It allows them to concentrate in a manner that is outstanding and unique.

This is why a head high is different as it plays with the mind and is something that is more than a body high. It gives you a sense of pleasure that is never a bad thing!

Strains that Can Help

a guy smokes weed to get a head high

With regards to a sativa dominant strain and this type of high, it’s important to note how valuable the right dosage can be.

Taking too much can end up provoking an unnecessary rush that leads to anxiety, paranoia, and a prolonged increased heart rate that makes one feel uncomfortable.

Keep this in mind with any sativa dominant strain because the head high is only good when it is done the right way.

To make sure that is the case, it is best to start methodically and pay attention to how the body responds.

Body High vs. Head High

So, which direction should you go in? Which type of high is better?

In the end, it is always going to come down to preference and nothing more. There isn’t a right or wrong answer in this battle because it’s a matter of taste. Some love the idea of a sativa dominant strain while others want to move towards an indica dominant strain.

It’s all about taking the time to try both and figure things out on your own. This is when the right decision is made based on what you prefer. In fact, sometimes it comes down to what is available to you at the moment and the situation you’re in (i.e. sleeping or heading down to the library for a study session).

When all of these variables are accounted for, the right decision is made!