Best CBD Oil for Anxiety

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With 40+ million Americans dealing with anxiety, it has become a major point of concern and something needing immediate treatment. While there are numerous chemical-based solutions on the market and often prescribed by physicians, it’s best to look at the value of natural products such as CBD and what it brings to the table.

CBD has been cited as one of the stronger organic solutions available to individuals dealing with anxiety and its various symptoms. Being able to use CBD is a great way to combat this condition and make sure it stays at bay for as long as possible.

According to research, only 35+% of the 40 million are receiving treatment while the remaining Americans are going about their lives without a viable solution in place.

This is concerning and indicates the value of staying on top of things and focusing on a natural product such as CBD.

Here is more on why CBD is such a terrific product for anxiety and has been noted for working in the short or long-term.

What is CBD?

CBD (learn more about it at Hemp Captain) is one of the 85+ cannabinoids and is found in the hemp plant. It’s found in a specific type of hemp plant and has to be sourced perfectly for optimal results.

The reason it differs from traditional marijuana has to do with the amount of THC present in the product. This is low in THC making it less impactful for a “high” but far more controlled for medicinal use.

CBD has been tested as a solution for various conditions and works well for anxiety-based symptoms. It is able to work on the lingering symptoms and can help prevent future symptoms too.

How CBD Oil Can Help Anxiety

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To understand why CBD has become such a prominent solution, it’s best to focus on why it’s able to work well with anxiety-based symptoms.

It is seen being used around the world and is well-regarded for having an all-encompassing impact on the body.

This can help control the symptoms and make sure anxiety doesn’t have an ongoing impact.

1) Relaxes the Mind

One of the main reasons CBD oil is great for the human brain has to do with its ability to act as a relaxant. It is able to ease the mind and get rid of those issues a person may associate with anxiety.

The body will be able to relax and simmer down and that is essential with any type of anxiety.

By managing the body’s nervous system and how it responds to triggers, it’s possible to remain on top of the anxiety before it becomes a problem maker.

It will vary from person to person but it can offer meaningful change over time.

2) Treats All Anxiety-Related Disorders

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Social Phobia
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Panic disorder
  • Mild/Moderate Depression

Anxiety doesn’t come in the same form for everyone and that is why it is a difficult issue to deal with at the best of times.

The most important thing a person can do is to acknowledge what is transpiring and then put together a viable solution based on the facts in front of them.

This should include a medical professional being available at all times to take a look at this progression.

The best part about using CBD is knowing it will work well for a wide variety of anxiety-related disorders without posing a problem as long as the dosage is appropriate.

3) Increases Serotonin Production

Serotonin is responsible for stabilizing one’s mood and is found in one’s blood platelets. However, it has to be regulated or the results can be negative based on how the body responds and how low the levels are.

The serotonin receptors are going to engage with the CBD and start to improve over time. This is why it’s best to focus on using CBD as it is going to increase the amount of serotonin in the body at all stages of the day.

Once the mood starts to stabilize, it is easier to manage anxiety-related symptoms before they pop up.

4) Regulates Body’s Systems

The body’s systems are intricate and it’s important to keep them as regulated as possible. This is where “homeostasis” or (stable equilibrium) comes into the equation as that’s the only way your body can remain in optimal running shape.

If not, it will start to act up and that is going to be seen in different ways including anxiety-based symptoms.

By being able to use a powerful solution such as CBD, it is possible to gain control over these systems and make sure they are staying as balanced as possible.

Over time, the change is going to become prominent and that’s when the body remains in a healthier state as necessary.

Research & Medical Evidence

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It’s time to look at the research that has gone into CBD oil and how well it works while combating anxiety.

This is a natural solution that has grown in popularity and that means it is also being spoken about by medical researchers.

It is one of those well-rounded options that has been making the rounds and is regarded as a prominent option as long as it’s used as designed.

Here is a look at the research that is out there based on the tests that have been run.

A study done in 2014 stated CBD was able to act as a potent antidepressant and helped relax the mind better than other natural solutions. This made it easier for subjects to demonstrate a specific change in their mood and it had prominent “anxiolytic” effects (anti-anxiety) [1].

This illustrates how well CBD oil can work when it is used with purpose and as directed.

Another study on the same subject revealed changes in brain mapping in the paralimbic and limbic regions of the brain. These regions are responsible for conditions such as GAD that can arise as an anxiety-related disorder [1].

While the study was run on animal models, it was able to display a noticeable change in these regions of the brain causing delight among medical researchers [2].

Medical evidence has been around for years and has picked up over the years because of the interest. Thousands of medical researchers are looking at how well CBD is able to work with the human body and that includes anxiety-related symptoms.

Being able to take control of the symptoms and notice a change in brain mapping can be a major positive as it helps navigate past the unrelenting symptoms of anxiety.

Best CBD Dosage for Anxiety

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CBD oil can be taken in different dosages and that’s a detail one has to nail down as soon as the process begins. According to medical experts, it is best to start with a reasonable dosage to see how the anxiety-based symptoms respond.

This should include at least 4-5 drops (twice a day) as that will help create a baseline for one to work with.

Take this dosage and do it for at least a week or two. Keep a journal and make sure the dosage is taken at the same time every twelve hours or so.

This is a good way to keep track of progress and not miss doses. By taking a baseline, it will help increase the dosage and see how the body responds. In most cases, the body is going to respond well and the anxiety-related symptoms will fade away into nothingness. Continue to keep the journal while doing this as it can be a wonderful way to help yourself in making proper decisions.

It is also recommended to sit down and mention this to your specialist as it will lead to a mutual agreement on how to go about this. He/she will also be able to help with the personalized dosage based on your medical history.

Final Thoughts

CBD oil is now one of the most effective and desirable solutions in the world of natural medicine. It is well-regarded for an array of ailments and is going to improve one’s quality of life in the long-term.

However, for those looking to manage their anxiety symptoms and want to ensure the results are powerful, there is nothing better than this option as it will make a noteworthy difference.

It is going to help control the anxiety and make sure it goes away over time as long as the doses are maintained.

CBD oil is able to act as a potent relaxant, tackle a range of anxiety-related disorders, increase one’s energy levels, and ensure the serotonin production goes up over time as well. This is important information and is the best way to go for those looking to manage how they’re doing and the value they’re retaining from a natural product.

Look to find world-class CBD oil and make sure it is sold by a top supplier. This is a good way to know more about its origin, its benefits, and the value it will offer as long as it is used wisely.


2) Neural basis of anxiolytic effects (NCBI)